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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Value of Self-Esteem

I was delighted to hear "The Value of Self-Esteem" by James E Faust. He gave it at the May 6 2007 CES Fireside for Young Adults. It is one of the last addresses he gave. It is an example one of the pleasures I have by having a long commute. I have so much available to me because of my connection to the Internet, my MP3 player and the free services provided by and

Unlike many other church MP3 publications, this one was the complete broadcast including the songs and President Faust's introduction. It was like I was at the broadcast.

Pres. Faust related 6 keys for a healthy self esteem. As he spoke, two people came to my mind, my dad and my wife. They both have these qualities and more importantly work to develop them.

1. Keep Your Agency
2. Humility
3. Honesty
4. Love of Work
5. Ability to Love
6. Love of God

One story he tells about the love of work,
The most gifted athlete at our university excelled in every sport. He played football and ran the hurdles—in fact, he held the conference record in the low hurdles. Our coach, Ike Armstrong, required that the sprinters run once a week with the quarter-milers for 300 yards to increase the stamina of the sprinters and increase the speed of the quarter-milers. My friend—this great athlete—would lead all of the runners for about 275 yards, but as soon as the first quarter-miler passed him, he would quit and wouldn’t even finish. His natural talent and ability was such that he never had to extend himself to excel. He married, but the marriage failed. He went on into professional football and was something of a star until he got into the drug scene and died from the debilitating effects of drugs and alcohol. Others with much less talent have achieved far more.

I love the humor he uses. It can be lost in the reading but I found it as I listened to it. There are so many other great stories he tells to illustrate each of these keys. This is one I will keep and listen to another time.