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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Yearning for God

On Sunday my friend Bruce shared his testimony to our congregation.  There was a part that resonated with me. He talked about how he had left the church.  Later he had remarried.  He thought he should be happy.  Yet he felt a deep loneliness.  He described it as being because the Spirit had left him.

There have been a few times that I felt that.  I felt a yearning for God and a life God would bless.  For me these times serve as a warning.  That a life lived only for myself will ultimately be empty.  When I forget myself and serve others as I think God would, then the Holy Presence comes into my life.  Then I feel an abundance of life and love.  My Yearning has turned to Surrender.  Surrender to God and how I feel he wants me to live. Now it is only to practice those truths.  To work each day to keep the presence of the Spirit in my life and to serve the Savior of my soul.

"Sunday Morning Coming Down", Lyrics

It was this song by Johnny Cash that helped me remember that feeling I had and that I feel Bruce described.