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Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Law of Increasing Returns

I just listened to "A Law of Increasing Returns" by Henry B. Eyring.  It is a fireside talk he gave March 28, 1982. I love to hear him talk.  I have been touched by so many of his talks.  He spoke about his father,
He just had a general bias toward putting in hard work up front and letting the rewards take a long time to come, even forever.

Even in the confusion of the last night I spent with him, he gave me some advice. I was helping him walk. I’m not even sure he knew I was there. But very clearly, almost with a booming voice, he said, “Well, let’s just do the homework tonight, and we’ll see how the exam goes in the morning.” He’s getting the grade now, and he spent a life doing as much homework as he could. Most of us could move profitably toward a little more homework and leave the grades for tomorrow.
 There are so many people I know that fit this.  That put in more than they take.  Not the least of them if my sweet wife.  She is so patient and persistent and loving and hard working.

Henry Eyring went on to share some hints on how to be better at working and waiting.
- Finding humor in the present
- Seeing the blessing of the present
- Keep my eye on the distant goal
- Remember the blessings that will come

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The Civility Experiment

This literally brought me to tears.  I have been a part of a few online groups where we have torn each other up.  There are also times when through the messiness of all our backgrounds there at least comes understanding.  Even if there is not agreement.

I think we may be judged by how we treat those we passionately disagree with.  Do we vilify them, or do we seek understanding?  Do we allow ourselves to be stirred up to anger or do we extend the true love of Christ?