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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Mathematics of the Infinite and Eternal

On the way home from Utah, my wife and I listened to a new album from Kenneth Cope, "All About You". As I listened to the song "Him, and Him Alone", I thought of my calculus classes at Ricks college my freshman year.
How could I think it's mine to merit
Or speak of my share in it
This saving work he wrought alone
I've been a fool to believe I'd earn it
Or suppose I could deserve it
By words and deeds I'd call my own
From this day on
I know I'm saved by Him alone
Comparisons between the infinite and the finite is comparing apples to oranges. Anything that has bounds turns to zero when compared to something that goes on and on. How can my compassion compare to His when my compassion ends with my impatience? Also consider that any compassion I have comes from His grace. All that I have, all that I am comes from God. Anything divine in me comes from Him.

There is another hand. He has said that we are saved by grace after all that we can do, 2 Nephi 25:23. What is all I can do, when compared to His payment for my sin? Amulek said, "there can be nothing which is short of an infinite atonement which will suffice for the sins of the world", Alma 34:12 (see also 2 Nephi 9:7). If I choose not to accept his sacrifice, He will not force it upon me.
Nephi taught, “When a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men.” (2 Nephi 33:1; emphasis added) Elder David A. Bednar noted the use of the word unto: “Please notice how the power of the Spirit carries the message unto but not necessarily into the heart. … Ultimately, … the content of a message and the witness of the Holy Ghost penetrate into the heart only if a receiver allows them to enter.” Seek Learning by Faith (Gerald N. Lund, "Opening Our Hearts")
So here is the paradox. God requires that I allow Him into my heart. That I excercise my faith unto repentance. That I allow Him to change my heart from carnal to spiritual. He requires all that I can do. Yet this effort, is insignificant when compared to the saving power He offers. I am saved by Him alone because of this comparison. Yet my effort is not insignificant. If I do not strengthen my faith by my prayers, and good works His saving power is limited.

I believe God will save us from any sin we allow Him to. Be that anger, greed or complacence or impatience. He wants every joy to be ours. If I follow Him, if I ask for His help, He will continue to save me from the sin in me. I will live happily in the uplifting of others around me. By living my life as He would if He lived it. Each day, that is the challenge. To willingly give away my own desire, to do His instead and gain the rewards.

Update 2015-03-12
This article seems to jive with what I believe and seems to explain it from another angle. \
"The Salvation Equation"

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