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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Origin of God Agnostic

Last summer, I had an interesting discussion about the origin of God. Before that, I did not know of a faithful LDS perspective that was different than the infinite regress of Gods. It was one of those topics that I heard theories from people I trusted. It made sense to me and so I did not pursue it.

Clean Cut emailed me a couple of weeks ago asking me about my post. He asked if my thoughts or feeling on the topic had changed at all. I had mentioned to him that I was looking forward to reading Rough Stone Rolling. I was given it for Christmas. I am about halfway through it.

While laying down for a Sunday nap I picked up the book. Richard Bushman quotes D&C 93:29-34 and then adds,
In later years, Joseph would elaborate these hints into a doctrine of the free intelligence. Human beings in their essence were uncreated intelligences as eternal as God, and so radically free... The idea of free intelligence combined the moral being of the Bible with the reasoning individual of the Enlightenment. In Joseph's revelations, truth could not be discovered in rebellion and wickedness. "That wicked one cometh and taketh away light and truth, through disobedience." [D&C 93:29] The test of one's humanity was not whether one would abide by the independent dictate's of one's own reason, in accord with the Enlightenment ideal, but whether one would accept the light coming from God.
As to the origin of God, I am satisfied putting it in the "we'll find out someday" category. I also put discussions on the topic in the "danger of looking past the mark" category. It is much more important to me to practice the truth I know. I am confident that the Lord will grant me more light and knowledge on His origin later on. It is much more important to becoming more Christ like. More diligent, more patient, more loving, more thoughtful.

On a final note, one of the best parts of LDS doctrine is the focus on learning truth from whatever source it may come. I look forward to more light and knowledge on many subjects. I will also do my best to give them their due attention. Focusing on "right practice" will never fail. Focusing on "right doctrine" brings a possibility of diverting my energy to that which will not have lasting satisfaction.

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my mudda' calls me jack said...

I really like the concept of right practic vs. right doctrine. I've never heard it put so clearly... especially for us ely's who like to debate things until our heads spin. Easy to get caught up on things that are "past the mark."