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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reasonable but not certain grounds

"...principles and values and ideals that we devoutly hope are true, and have reasonable but not certain grounds for believing to be true."  (Testimony of Terryl L. Givens as found from Clean Cut)

This quote highlights what I have come to understand.  That faith is a choice.  The Lord gives us reasonable grounds for believing in Him and His principles.  Yet they are not certain ground.  Our life is an exercise of our faith which begins as a desire to believe.  As Terryl said, there is also grounds for doubt.

I am reminded of Moroni where he says that I can know of spiritual truth as surely as I can distinguish between the daylight and the dark night.  I know this is true for the most important things.  The things that cause us to progress or to be damned.  I know clearly that I am to be kind to my wife and children.  I am to work hard and trust God.  I am to be meditative and prayerful.  I am to seek truth in the scriptures and from other good sources.  I am to listen to the still small voice.  I am to seek the Spirit of God and discipline myself to follow it.  So I can establish trust between my Father and I.  So I can enjoy the delicious joy He brings into my life.

We have reasonable but not certain ground to believe God.  Yet He always respects our choice.  He will force no man to heaven.  The reward is greater than any other thing.  It is worth any effort to receive it.


Papa D said...

Well said, friend.

Jared said...


Regarding "reasonable" and "certain" grounds for having either a believing or a certain testimony of the truthfulness of something:

The prophets teach that the followers of Christ can possess a variety of testimonies. Some are given experiences where it is reasonable to testify saying they believe, others are given experiences where it is reasonable to testify saying they know.

Rich Alger said...

I agree Jared. I don't mind when someone testifies that they know of something spiritual. I have said it about less and less things myself though. There are just some things that I would say I know about because I had heard it from someone I trust and it ended up to only be Mormons Lore or other some such. Well perhaps I wouldn't have said "I know" but I took it as truth.

The most important things I feel settled on. The things that I feel will allow me to continue growing and knowing more.

Jared said...


Thanks for your response. :D