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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Power of the Priesthood

Power of the Priesthood comes by persuasion not by any right to the obedience of others. This is a wonderful article that made me think about agency in a different way.
The Lord is bound when we do what He says, because He CHOOSES to be bound. This is how he can reject the sacrifice of Cain, but accept Abel’s because of intent. God is not a vending machine for blessings. We can’t pray our way to anything. Rather, prayer and fasting are invitations, a process to humble ourselves and invite God to bless us or, at least, to comfort or enlighten us.

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Papa D said...

I loved that post when it was written. It's a really powerful way to look at the self-binding process of covenants - and to remain humble and accepting (and non-demanding) along the way.

I also love the very Mormon phrase "power IN the Priesthood" - especially when priests are understood to be servants.