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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Marlin K Jensen Conversations

Here are some notes from the Mormon Channel Conversations Episode with Marlin K. Jensen and his wife.

A paraphrase from Conversations with Marlin K. Jensen

In a sense we've become defrocked   It is interesting to reflect on what we've become. With all the external expectations removed as a General Authority, what kind of people are we?

Elder Jensen quotes Henry Eyring to his son "In this Church you don’t have to believe anything that isn’t true"

"We know that Christ is the be all and end all of our existence. Trying to emulate his life and live His teachings and repent and be worthy of His blessings is really at the heart of our existence. It's a lifelong quest to become a Christian.  The church helps in so many ways, but agency is such a tremendous truth. We have to just want these things they have to be the desire of our hearts." (50:55)

He prefaces this statement with the idea of a final testimony. That this interview is probably his last general exposure because he will no longer be an active general authority. And that hearsay is not generally accepted in a court of law but statements at the end of life are accepted. (53:13)
    I didn't know what to expect when I came to Salt Lake as a General Authority 24 years ago.  I would really want the members of the church, the world really to know, how good my experience has been. How faith promoting to watch at close range, the men and women (one of which you [Sheri Dew] were one at one point in this church's history) who are of the highest caliber and charity and integrity who have given their lives to this cause without a lot of earthly remuneration; but are just tremendously devoted. I think it would be very difficult for anyone to understand how devoted, how serious this matter of the church is taken by those who are general leaders. And our experience has been just, overall tremendously positive and pleasing.

    I really know this is the true church. I know this is God's kingdom. I know this is how he wants us to live our lives. And I just hope that we can do a good enough job of that individually and as families that people who aren't yet of our faith will be able to see it and will want to investigate what it is that makes life what it is for us. So to have the chance to say that one more time with all sincerity and in contemplation of death, is a great blessing for me, thank you for it.

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