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Saturday, February 15, 2014

One Message to Share

The missionaries came over and had us write one message we would want to share with the world. Here are the messages we wrote. It was a lot of fun.

Richard: "Love Wins"
Lorenzo: "Salvation"
Victor: "Through Christ our burdens are made light"
Tim: "Live Worthy"
Sam: "God Loves"
Sara: "Act Through Love"
Josh: "Love your neighbor as you love yourself"
Steph: "Love the Lord. Love one another."
Daniel: "The Book of Mormon is True"
Laney: "You can believe in the Lamb of God"
Zanna: "Jesus loves everyone. Jesus is nice and kind"
Nathan: "Believe"
Andrew: "Families are Forever"
Elder Fackrell: "Believe in Christ"

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