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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Kindness Brings Miracles

It was my son's turn to prepare the lesson for our home teaching visit. I looked up stories from General Conference and found this video.

It brought to mind my own experiences with kindness. I know in my life that love; the kind that causes hearts to want to peek out from their fox holes...  Love changed me. Not only the love of my parents. It was the love of my father and mother in law. The love of my wife, that caused me to wake up to what I might lose without them. Love that they wanted me with them, in this life and the next.

Love caused my heart to come out of its barricade. To be vulnerable. To allow the Lord to change it. Elder Bednar told us that the Spirit can bring the truth unto but not into our hearts. The Lord respects our moral agency so much, that he will never violate the will of a soul. We must choose to follow Him.

Yesterday my son serving a mission expressed this lesson like this, "I've really learned a lot up here, probably one of the biggest would be that all we need to do for those who stray is not to pressure them but to just love them."

Love wins.

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Richard Alger said...

“I have wept in the night
At my shortness of sight
That to others' needs made me blind,
But I never have yet
Had a twinge of regret
For being a little too kind.”
C.R. Gibson