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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Divine Consensus

"In family councils, we must reach our important decisions 'by divine consensus, not by compromise.'" ("Counsel Together Oft: Family Councils for Couples", Nichole Eck, Ensign Jan 2015)

I like the phrase "divine consensus" because it means you both are taking into consideration what God would want. Certainly among the top things God wants is for there not to be disputations between wife and husband. One of my online friends said, "Compromising principles is very different from compromise in a family, especially where it is a case of choosing between 2 equally good things. A compromise can mean taking turns, or finding a middle ground." I agree. Love is the ingredient that makes whatever word you use work.

I also like this quote,
You have the power to change only one person: yourself. You may be tempted to use a family council to present a list of criticisms of your spouse. Instead, approach these councils with a desire to improve yourself. Ask your spouse if there is anything problematic or worrisome he or she has noticed in your words or behavior. Make goals for personal improvement and ask for your spouse’s support as you strive to change. Support your spouse in any personal goals he or she wishes to make.

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