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Thursday, June 04, 2015

God does not make mistakes

God intended for us to have a mortal experiences. He did not make a mistake when giving Adam and Eve the opportunity to transgress or to allow Satan to tempt them. It was their choice but it was in God's plan for us to have a fallen world so that we could be born and experience it and have the opportunity to be redeemed from the fall and return more fully developed.

I do not think God makes mistakes. It is part of His plan. He did not do anything that He did not intend or foresee.

That said, the results of the fall are hearbreaking. But can turn to our good. The earth is cursed for our sake. Why? I think it is because is creates a result where we are more likely to turn to Him for help. The condition of gratitude that comes from His grace comes from our hearts turning to him. Living in a fallen world makes it more likely for us to do so.

And we chose to come here. He does not force anything upon His children. We chose to come to a fallen world. Because He promised us that it would help us progress. That we would be able to learn by experience the difference between good and evil.

The lame man did not sin to receive the punishment of his lameness. But to give the opportunity to show to him and others the grace and power and mercy of God.

Does God actively put obstacles in our way? Did He create the one born blind or lame? God does not put things in our way. We do or those before us have done so including Adam and Eve. God does not create evil he only allows it to give us opposition and thus the ability to choose.

In short, God does not make mistakes. Pain and suffering and imperfection in the world we live in comes from our imperfections and those before us.

The only antidote is repentance and forgiveness of others; and faith in our Healer Jesus Christ to restore us.

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