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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Key to Unmessable

I was promised in my Landmark Advanced Course that I would become unmessable. I would not ever be permanently stopped in my progress to what I want.

We is the key to unmessable. It is in we that we get the support, intimacy, vulnerability and all their power in our lives. We are no longer stymied by shame. Our connections and our courage diminishes our shame to insignificance. I am for you. You are for me. They are for us. We are for them.

Perfect love casteth out fear. As we love each other. Listen with whole hearts and fight for our dreams. No power can stop us. We are in the divine. We are a force of nature. We are the beauty that is astonishing in its power to wake us. We see the divine in our neighbor. We become one. And all is possible.

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