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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Faith to Reap

I love this quote on the relationship of hope to faith
if you ever find yourselves without enough hope to reach your dreams, don't focus on increasing your hope. Focus on increasing your faith in Christ, and hope will follow automatically.  When we are discouraged, we tend to focus on hope.  Like the high school football coach at halftime, the world would give you a pep talk.  "You can do it." we're told.  "Positive mental attitude." we're told.  "Get out there and go, go, go." But that kind of hope evaporates as soon as we meet with significant challenges.  The hope that comes from faith in Christ is different.  One who has faith in Christ recognizes that even if she or he can't do it, the Savior can.  And from this faith springs the hope that never gives up until the dream comes true.  This is the faith to reap. ("The Faith to Reap" a BYU-Idaho devotional from March 17, 2005 by Elder Wilford W. Andersen)

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