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Saturday, August 06, 2016


From a FB Post of mine.
I was challenged by Jerame to post photos with my loving spouse/significant other for 7 days and tag 2 people each day to keep the celebration of love and promotion of all kinds of love going. 
I am adding an extra post today to acknowledge that some are hurt by being reminded that they do not have a relationship or do not have the kind of relationship they want.  
I know that I am not the husband that I could be. I am a work in progress.  
I choose to participate because I think this is a work worth campaigning for. Love always wins. Love is alive and must be nourished and fought for.  
We may not have a special relationship right now. Or the kind of one we hope for. We must hold up the standard, the ideal as a way to turn our eyes to the heavens. To see what might be possible and choose to work for it.  

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