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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Because of Him

Because of Him, healing of broken hearts is possible. He is the light where no other light can shine. He is Hope. He is Love. He came as a helpless child. Approachable by every class. He knows your darkest moments. He has felt the deepest, longest pains. Of every soul that has ever or will ever live.

He took it all on. We accepted it as if he had committed every sin. He bore every burden.

He died. And raised himself up again. Because of him, I will live again. And so will you. And every soul who has ever been born.

Because of him, he has sent angels and prophets and neighbors and friends to tell you. Yes you reading this now. To tell you that there is hope. That all can be healed.

You can choose to believe.

Because of him, prophets are on earth today. Scripture is revealed anew.

Because of him, you are hearing the message of hope, the good news. What will you do with it?  Will you turn to Him? Will you give away all your sins. Will you forgive?

Notice how you feel. If the light is not brighter in you. If your mind is not clearer. Accept the light, the warmth. Choose to turn to God and live.

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