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Monday, April 16, 2018

Book of Mormon Experiment by Jeff Sheets

From "Professor Sheets Demonstrates The Connection Between Faith And Advertising", By maddynf, Posted May 25, 2017,
Setting up stations in public areas around the world, [Jeff] Sheets and his team traveled to a diverse number of locations, including London, England; Chicago, Illinois; Cape Town, South Africa; and Sydney, Australia. At these different locations, the team invited 531 pedestrians (one person for each page of the book) to read a page of the Book of Mormon, looking for references to God and Jesus Christ on their respective pages. Participants not only came from different geographic locations, but had diverse religious affiliations and cultural identities. Sheets explained that the Book of Mormon Social Experiment was a powerful reminder of the similarities of God’s children and the Christian message of the Book of Mormon. Participants were surprised at how much their page related to the practices in their own religion. 
“Through this experiment, the participants each became a witness that their individual page testifies of Christ,” said Sheets.

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