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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Angels Envy Men

I love this quote from Hugh Nibley:

...above all the two things we can be good at, and no two other things can we do: We can forgive and we can repent. It's the gospel of repentance. We're told that the angels envy men their ability both to forgive and to repent, because they can't do either, you see. But nobody's very clever, nobody's very brave, nobody's very strong, nobody's very wise... We’re not tested on those things; but the things the angels envy us for, we can forgive and we can repent. So three cheers, let’s start repenting as of now.
(Emphasis is mine "The Faith of an Observer," 2 from Of All Things! Classic Quotations from Hugh Nibley by Gary P. Gillum, Film Documentary)

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