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Thursday, August 04, 2011


Our family has been watching a TV series Merlin made by BBC.  It is so fun.  I don't remember anything that I felt uncomfortable with.

Our experience reminds me a little of A Thomas Jefferson Education.This is a book a friend of mine inspired me to buy.  The legend of Merlin is a classic.  This series definitely seems like a classic interpretation of the legend even if it does not follow many of the classic elements.

There are themes of courage, determination, patience, overcoming prejudice and more I am sure.  My wife already came up with an idea to challenge our children to find their quest.  And to write about it.

I am so excited.


Papa D said...

Sounds cool. I'll check it out.

Stephanie said...

It has been a lot of fun being able to watch a tv show as a family and not having to worry about it being in appropriate.

Anonymous said...

Now I'm interested in the show. Thanks for your comments. I'm glad I have been able to inspire you. You've been inspiring me for years!