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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Most Correct of Any Book

Joseph Smith is quoted in the introduction of the Book of Mormon, "I told the brethren that the Book of Mormon was the most correct of any book on earth, and the keystone of our religion, and a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than by any other book."

The way I see "most correct" is that it has teachings that will get a person nearer to God if they live by them than any other book.

I like the statement Moroni makes about mistakes in the Book of Mormon.
Condemn me not because of mine imperfection, neither my father, because of his imperfection, neither them who have written before him; but rather give thanks unto God that he hath made manifest unto you our imperfections, that ye may learn to be more wise than we have been. (Mor 9:31)


Papa D said...

Rich, I think it's interesting that there are only two common definitions of "correct" when used as an adjective:

"conforming to fact or truth; free from error; accurate"


"in accordance with an acknowledged or accepted standard; proper"

Given the acknowledgment in the book itself that there are errors and mistakes in it, I think the only reasonable defintion is the second one - that the Book of Mormon is most in accord with the proper standard.

I can accept that, especially since its acceptance often leads to baptism, which leads to the gift of the Holy Ghost, which can lead to clearer understanding of eternal truths that simply can't be understood without faith and the insight of the Holy Ghost. The "most correct" (most proper)description, for me, is as much about how it can open or lead to greater understanding as it is about any technical details about the book.

my mudda' calls me jack said...

I needed that. Thanks. and thank you to "Papa D" for his comments.