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Friday, October 14, 2011

The difference between confessional belief and convictional belief

Here is a good essay on the difference between confessional belief and convictional belief.  The following gives a good taste of it.
I’ve never heard my dad preach about the importance of self-reliance. Rather, he simply invested in several years worth of food storage and water, planted a garden and an orchard, purchased chickens, and learned how to care for bees. 
I’ve never heard my dad sermonize about caring for the elderly. Rather, he simply invited his mother-in-law to live in his house, spent hours remodeling the bathroom so she could more comfortably use it, remodeled her bedroom to give her more space, and is currently building a ramp so that she can drive her wheelchair into the backyard and enjoy the outdoors.

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Papa D said...

Not directly relevant, but this is the central difference between those who understand the faith/works balance and those who preach grace as an abstract concept without any real transformative power.

For example, if everyone who reads Jeff's posts over on Mormanity understood this simple concept . . .