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Friday, September 26, 2014

Beware the Wrong Turn

Many of us take the blessings of the gospel for granted. It is as if we are passengers on the train of the Church, which has been moving forward gradually and methodically. Sometimes we have looked out the window and thought, “That looks kind of fun out there. This train is so restrictive.” So we have jumped off and gone and played in the woods for a while. Sooner or later we find it isn't as much fun as Lucifer makes it appear or we get critically injured, so we work our way back to the tracks and see the train ahead. With a determined sprint we catch up to it, breathlessly wipe the perspiration from our forehead, and thank the Lord for repentance. 
While on the train we can see the world and some of our own members outside laughing and having a great time. They taunt us and coax us to get off. Some throw logs and rocks on the tracks to try and derail it. Other members run alongside the tracks, and while they may never go play in the woods, they just can’t seem to get on the train. Others try to run ahead and too often take the wrong turn. 
I would propose that the luxury of getting on and off the train as we please is fading. The speed of the train is increasing. The woods are getting much too dangerous, and the fog and darkness are moving in. ("Spiritual Revival".Glenn L. Pace. Oct 1992)

We sometimes think we know better than the prophets, seers and revelators where the train of the church should go. Perhaps we are insightful to what the Lord would have. Sometimes not.

I trust the 15 that are leading the church. I think that the organization the Lord puts into place balances strong personalities. That the President of the Church leads by persuasion. That he seeks the input of the other prophets.

The church organization is not perfect because those that administer it are not. But it is the Lord's church nevertheless and we will continue to prune the most bitter branches off according to direction of the selected servants of God until it becomes wholly acceptable to Him. (Jacob 5:64-65)

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