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Friday, September 26, 2014

When the Lord desires to speak to the whole Church

The Saints believe in divine revelation to-day. At the head of this Church stands a man who is Prophet, Seer and Revelator, sustained in that position by the vote of the whole body of its members. When the Lord wishes to speak to His Church, as a body, He does so through that individual, His servant. President Wilford Woodruff is a man of wisdom and experience, and we respect and venerate him; but we do not believe his personal views or utterances are revelations from God; and when "Thus saith the Lord", comes from him, the Saints investigate it; they do not shut their eyes and take it down like a pill. When he brings forth light they want to comprehend it. Light, truth, intelligence, wisdom, progress, growth all the time --that is "Mormonism"-- to grow in grace and the knowledge of the truth. When the Lord desires to speak to the whole Church He does so through its head, not through half a dozen different channels; because in such an event there would be confusion. The Latter-day Saints are not blindly led by leaders or blindly directed by priests; but every man can receive the divine testimony in his own heart and be a priest in his own house.
(Charles Penrose; The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star Vol. 54 - Click on "No. 12 March 21, 1892", then Utah News; PDF;)
I agree with Elder Penrose's approach. We are to investigate the words of our Prophet and the other prophets. We are to seek understanding by study and by faith. If we ask with a sincere heart and intend to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit, He will show us the truth.

We can distinguish truth and error. The prophets of God are a solid source of truth.

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