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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bruce R. McConkie and the 1978 Revelation

Elder McConkie's role in the 1978 revelation

- A year before the revelation was given, he had written a long memo to President Kimball concluding that there was no scriptural reason the policy could not be lifted.

- Before the revelation was received, he spoke up in favor of the change, reiterating that there was no scriptural impediment.

- And he defended that view under searching questions from President Tanner.

- Then after the confirming revelation was received, he wrote one of the three drafts that were later merged into the final announcement.

- He advocated for immediate announcement instead of waiting.

- And when the announcement was presented to the General Authorities he was one of the first to voluntarily stand and declare his support, giving an impassioned extemporaneous discourse on the related scriptures.

From "In Defense of Elder Bruce R. McConkie – A True Apostle of Jesus Christ", J. Max Wilson, Apr 21, 2015.

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