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Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Love Wins

A post from one of my friends who is a bishop.

It's 2am. I have to get up at 5:30am. I sit in my chair after laying in bed, unable to sleep. For several days I've been concerned about a sister in our ward. She hasn't been to church the past couple of days. She didn't go to work today. I helped her get her job. I fear she is on the verge of losing her job and her testimony. I've been to see her, bearing chocolate, but still, I have concerns. I have another sister who recently returned from a mission but now finds herself so busy she can't find time to go to church. You'd think a return missionary would know how important church attendance is! These are two. What can I do more to help these individuals? Why am I not more spiritually attuned so I would be able to know what to say and do? There are serval others that I am concerned about, also, so I sit here awake, worrying, I was thinking about whether the Savior is worried about us! I know that He is. The worries and concerns of a bishop are minuscule and finite. The Savior's love is infinite and so is His concern. Please know I love each of you. When you hurt, I hurt. My heart weeps for you. Please let me help you. And, remember, the Savior's love. He is infinitely greater. He knows you better than I. Rely on Him!
This was my reply

Love wins it always does. God knew this. It is why we have agency. There is no love without agency. We have to choose it. Regardless of our thirst for fairness. We must give it up. Because Jesus paid the price for it. We must be willing to forgive and be forgiven. It bury deep those things that destroy us and those we love.  
Jesus brings hope because his love is perfect. It fills every hole. Heals every hurt.
Alma the younger could not bear to exist until he remembered what his father had taught him about Jesus.  
Charity is the pure love of Christ and it never fails. It crosses mountains and eons. It convinces humans to open their heart after the spirit brings it to the threshold. It brings new birth, new life. Through it we are born again.  
So whatever the question is, love is the answer. The love of God.

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