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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

In the quiet heart is hidden...

In all the expressions about Gay Marriage in the last few days, none has touched me more than a couple of posts that one of my FB friends referred to. Ben Schilaty is Mormon and Gay. He believes in the LDS church and has chosen, so far, to stay single and celibate. He shares about one of his friends who wanted to go to a conference for gay mormons. He was touched that she wanted to walk in his shoes.  He shared about how transformational it was for him to have his two best friends respond with love and compassion when he was honest with them. I love how he concludes,
The hymn "Lord I Would Follow Thee" sums up what I have learned in the second verse: "In the quiet heart is hidden / Sorrow that the eye can't see" (Hymns #220).  We very rarely know of the burdens being carried by those people we interact with every day because our deepest sorrows are often hidden away in our hearts. ("Time to Be Honest about Being Gay", Jan 5, 2015)

I hope that I would be as kind and compassionate as Ben's friends.

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