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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We Are that We Are

When Moses was talking with God, he asked him who should I say sends me? God answered I Am that I Am.

I postulate that we are who we declare we are. As our word accords with our declaration the reality becomes more solid.

A declaration of independence created a freedom of all men. It first was created in the hearts of those who heard it and were moved and inspired by it. It became real in our physical world when abolition entered into the heart of someone. That human took a stand and inspired others to the vision. A war started and / or ended with the idea. The emancipation proclamation declared it again in a new form.

The civil rights movement declared specific rights of voting and employment and accommodation. Today those rights do not exist only in word or law but in the hearts of our societies.

I declare that the only barriers between humans and societies of humans are created in our language and the world it creates.

I invite you to try on the idea that you are not separate from your spouse, family, friends or community. That you have connections seen and unseen. That if you abandon the barriers between us that do not work, you will realize a unity a harmony and a beauty before unknown to us.

I was promised that we would become unmessable. Unmessable is that nothing messes with the vision of health, strength, sanity and power we want. The creation of we creates an unmessable power.

I invite you to be one with those near you. I invite you to join the we that includes me. I invite all of us to consider that we can create unity between all merely by declaring and agreeing that it is so. We are because we say we are.

We are not deterred from our vision. Our vision is to be unrelenting in our commitment to each other. That we are committed to getting each other what we want even though our individual stories may seem in contradiction to each other.

We are unstoppable.

I am committed to God above all else. I become one with God as Jesus becomes one with the Father. I become one with what I name "We".

Next comes my covenant with my wife to join with her outside of anyone else. I create my primary human relationship. I say that in words. That my word is realized in what I do. That I honor my word to her. I become one with her. She agrees. Our words together become a sacred agreement I call "We". The we of our marriage joins the we of heaven.

Next is my family. Our 10 children. I invite and declare my family to be part of our we.

Next is our job as part of my covenant to provide for my family. "Our Job" means the job we have as a couple. I am open to accepting contribution from my community and to contributing back.

We are unstoppable.

Next is my extended family. My parents and parents in law. My siblings and their families. My wife's siblings. I invite and declare all to be part of our we.

Next are my friends. I invite and declare all to be part of our we.

Next are my communities. My community of my local congregation at church we call a Mormon ward. My community of my Landmark Advanced Course we call Transformers. I include all my communities. I invite and declare all to be part of our we.

Next organizations.
Next societies.
Next the world.
I invite and declare all to be part of our we.
We are one because we say so.

We are unstoppable.

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Franki said...

I love you,Rich. Yes, WE are unstoppable and unmessable. I am moved and inspired.