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Thursday, February 08, 2018

Josh Weed Being Mormon and Gay

I was astonished when I read "Turning A Unicorn Into A Bat: The Post In Which We Announce The End Of Our Marriage". I had thought of Josh Weed as an example of how a gay person might navigate being Mormon and Gay. I have few answers.

I liked this story from Deseret News, "The Weeds' story is one of many stories of LGBT Latter-day Saints that continue to be written"

I like this message that Dallin H. Oaks said in 2013

"There is so much we don't understand about this subject, that we'd do well to stay close to what we know from the revealed word of God. What we do know is that the doctrine of the church, that sexual activity should only occur between a man and a woman who are married, has not changed and is not changing. But what is changing and what needs to change is to help our own members and families understand how to deal with same gender attraction" (Dallin H.Oaks)

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