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Friday, February 02, 2018

The Biggest Barrier to Our Connection with God

From "The Biggest Barrier to Our Connection with God" by Celeste Davis January 30, 2018
I think the biggest barrier to our connection to God is feeling unworthy of that connection. 
I’d like to propose three ways we can keep our connection to God good and strong even when we make mistakes: (1) believing we are worthy of love and connection, (2) understanding the difference between guilt and shame, and (3) realizing our innate worth.
Guilt = I did something bad, something not in line with my values. 
Shame = I am bad. 
For example, let’s say you haven’t read your scriptures all week. If you think, “Ugh! I’m the worst! I’m never righteous enough,” that is shame. If you think, “Hmm, this business of not reading my scriptures all week—that is not in line with my values. I made a mistake. I better fix it,” that is guilt.

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