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Monday, January 06, 2014

Having Character or Being a Character

I love this quote.
Some enjoy being a character: Letting their eccentricity define their personalities. It is always easier to be a character than to have character. After all, getting attention is not as important as getting wisdom. The asserting of self is not as important as serving others. Yet for some, getting attention is their way of validating their worth. 
Furthermore, focusing on being a character keeps us from directing our lives toward becoming the men and women of Christ by emulating his character. 
Those with sterling character (always in short supply) are invariably the high yield and low maintenance individuals who deflect attention from themselves to others, just as both of the two great commandments encourage and direct. It is too bad if seeking the spotlight diverts us from worshiping the Light of the world. Character, after all, is the composite of what we carry into eternity. It is not only portable but eternal. There is no limitation on such luggage. ("Whom the Lord Loveth" by Neal A. Maxwell, pg. 13-14.)

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