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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Moving from Why to How

Bro Erickson, our Sunday School teacher asked us "Why do we need to know the purpose of the creation?" He said that when he doesn't know the purpose he spends a lot of time asking why. After he knows why the activity is important, it's ultimate purpose, he starts asking how.

So before we know the purpose of life we can spend a lot of time on why. Once we know the purpose of life we start asking how we can accomplish it. Once we know that we are here to prove that we will be obedient to the guidance of God we can move to the question of how we can do it.  How is it that I can follow Light God gives me? How can I avoid unnecessary pain in my life and those around me?  How can I receive the joy the Lord has in store, waiting to bless me with?

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