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Friday, January 03, 2014

Three Reflections on Same-Sex Marriage in Utah

I don't find anything that I disagree with in this article by James Goldberg.  Following are some short snippets that sum it up for me.
I see myself as an heir to a long legacy of Abrahamic values, and I believe those values have blessed the world far more than they have harmed it.
I believe that a culture of marriage ought to be built around customs of procreation and child-rearing within the relationship between husband and wife.
the following three principles will be continue to be challenged in different ways and that affirming them will continue to have utility:
Principle #1. Biological parents will be accountable to their children; children have a right to responsible biological parents.
Principle #2. Fatherhood and Motherhood still matter as distinct roles. Communities succeed when they find the proper balance of guidance and flexibility in preparing the young for these vital roles.
Principle #3. The link between sexuality and procreation is not incidental.

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