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Sunday, June 01, 2014

I'm not arguing that with you

My family loves to debate, both my brothers and sons, my daughters and my wife. And me. We all like to be right. I just read through a bunch of comments on a blog post. I was amazed as both the length and extent of the comments. I was also impressed with the general tone of the comments.

I have to laugh though at our seemingly general tendency to argue as humans. I love this scene from Joe vs. the Volcano. It sums up the futility of some conversations. Especially when every opinion of every person has been clearly expressed at least twice. There is something about some personalities that seem to think that the other does not understand their position. That if they were merely given the chance to express it and ensure that the other really understood it, the other party would be convinced of the truth.

Sometimes we all understand each other. And we just disagree. Sometimes, especially in real life, it is better to let beaten, dead horses lay. Agree to disagree and be done.

I hope to create a new catch phrase among my acquaintances. Something like bite the wax tadpole. "I'm not arguing that with you" should be enough to say. I am pretty sure that I understand your position and you understand mine. We don't agree and I'm OK with that.

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