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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Stewardship Judgement and Agitation Strategies

I liked the approach of these articles on the recent excommunication of Kate Kelly. I think it is also important to note that no one but the council and Kate Kelly have the stewardship and thus the discernment to know the whole story. So any comment anyone makes is much speculation.
we can see her discipline as a specific caution against tactics that promote different doctrine (on any subject) than what is being taught from the pulpit in our day, and then recruiting others to rally around that new doctrine too. If we take this second approach, Kelly’s disciplinary council is not a condemnation of the conversation about women but a caution for those of us involved in it to choose a different strategy. ("How The Conversation About Women Can Go On", Neylan McBaine, June 16, 2014)
I also like this one very much.
It is their responsibility to judge whether or not a person is threatening their salvation or the salvation of others. In doing so, they are not judging whether or not the person is good or bad; or whether they are saved or condemned. That is not their place. Such is a judgment reserved only for the Lord Himself. However, they do have a responsibility to judge whether or not that person is aiding in the fulfillment of the stewardship. ("Priesthood Keys – And Blessed are Ye if Ye have no Disputations Among You", Scott Stover, June 20, 2014)

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