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Friday, June 27, 2014

Priesthood Authority vs Inter-Personal Reasoning

Consider the not unusual case in which two people who, having searched, pondered and prayed in all faithfulness and earnestness, come to two different conclusions regarding how they ought to believe, speak and/or act.  The first way of resolving this disagreement would be with an appeal to priesthood authority in which one side acquiesces to the presiding authority of the other.  The second way would be with an appeal to inter-personal reasoning in which, very roughly speaking, the less persuasive side acquiesces to the more persuasive side. ("Priesthood Authority vs Inter-Personal Reasoning", Jeff G, 9 Jun 2014)

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Papa D said...

The third way - the one I prefer - would be to accept that different people can reach different conclusions without needing to discard one and identify one as "the one true answer".