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Monday, November 10, 2014

An Admission of Surrender to the Herd

 "Once the carnal in man is no longer checked by the restraints of family life and by real religion, there comes an avalanche of appetites which gathers momentum that is truly frightening. As one jars loose and begins to roll down hill, still another breaks loose....
Decadence is very demanding and dogmatic, and it is no friend of liberty. Decadence which grew in the soil of tolerance and permissiveness soon seeks to drive out all of these.
What is wrong is wrong, and trends do not make something right which is at variance with the laws of God.
Far from freeing those involved, sin is an admission of surrender to the herd. It is a capitulation to the carnal in man and a rejection of joy and beauty in this life and in the world to come."
("Listen to the Prophets", Spencer W. Kimball, Apr 1978)

This reminds me of weeds, that seek to drive out all other plants and do not bear good fruit.

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