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Monday, February 23, 2015

I Am

I am not my depression
I am not my stretch marks
or any other part of my declining body or mind.

I am a son of Heavenly Parents.
They know me in my heart and my divine potential.
They know my pain and my heartache.
They know my missteps and my surrenders to sin.
They love me anyways.

They love me enough to let me choose.
Let me learn the hard way.

Yet they always beckon through their Firstborn. The Anointed One.
The great I AM.

Jesus came to earth to show me. To run to me when I call with
    a sincere heart with intent to follow.
Because I am done with the self-inflicted pain.
I am done with dangerous detours.

Let my heart be satisfied in the path the Lord leads me in.
To move inch by inch, mile by mile to where He is.

Not just a place but a way of being.
With only the inclination to do good to be good.
Willing to sacrifice all my sins.
Step by step, He leads me.
To freedom from the shackles.
To greater capacity to do good.

I am not my sins. I am not the desolation of the Fall.
I am a son of Divine Heavenly Parents.
They will guide me to where they are.
To live a life like them.

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