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Monday, February 16, 2015

What is Moral Agency?

From Connor Boyack
Agency requires three things: options to choose from, freedom to choose, and consequence for the choice. Like a three-legged stool, agency can be weakened or destroyed (in theory) by attacking any one of the three.
“As I read the scriptures, Satan’s plan required one of two things: Either the compulsion of … man, or else saving men in sin. I question whether the intelligence of man can be compelled. Certainly men cannot be saved in sin” (J. Reuben Clark in Conference Report, Oct. 1949, 193; quoted in "Chapter 6: Our Premortal Life", Doctrines of the Gospel Student Manual [2010], 15).
What is the true nature of what Satan proposed in the premortal council?
Some ideas about what Satan proposed in the premortal world appear to come more from tradition than from actual revelation on the subject. As a result, it is helpful to return to the scriptures themselves to find out what the Lord has actually revealed on this important matter.
("Satan’s Rebellion", Ensign, Mar 2015)

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