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Friday, August 14, 2015

Four Pillars of Staying in the World of Faith

In my Landmark training seminar on Tues I learned about 4 principles of being that keep me in a world of possibility. That is in comparison of the world of the ordinary or the way humans usually operate (including me).

In another context, they are principles that keep me in the world of faith where there  are no limits to doing what God wants me to.

Integrity - A chair has integrity when it has four legs that are solid. If it does not, it really is not working as a chair. When I do not keep my word, if I do not do what I say I will do when I will do it. I am out of integrity. I cannot trust myself as a human and others cannot either. The good news is that the past does not exist in the present and I can create a new reality as often as I choose to. To clean up the messes I have made and get back into integrity.

Relationship - There is a huge difference between seeing other people as obstacles, or pawns in my aim to have what I want. Once I can see them as a human and am willing to relate to them as a person and not an object. My world transforms.

Existence - means my intention, my stand is in reality. It is not just my words that evaporate after they are said, or a mere thought or wish. It is on a calendar, etc

Enrollment - Communication with another that leaves the two (or more) "moved, touched, and inspired."

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