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Monday, August 10, 2015

Mormon Gnostics

"Mormon Gnostics emphasize personal spiritual effort and de-emphasize the role of the church in spiritual progression." A pattern Cassandra Hedelius has noticed with Mormon Gnostics:
1. I’m a loyal church member and I follow church leaders. I read about others’ prophecies because I long to hear more of God’s word and prepare for the future. 
2. I assume church leaders have visions and prophecies just like these others I’m reading about, since they all come from God. It’s a shame church leaders can’t talk openly about them; it must be because most church members are too faithless to handle it. I’m glad I’ve found these other sources for learning these things. 
3. Maybe church leaders don’t have these visions and prophecies. Perhaps because they’re too wrapped up in managing the church’s assets and employees. It’s a shame the church has become so corporate and uninspired. There is no prophecy or revelation from God to the church anymore. 
4. The church is apostate. I have found the replacement. 
("A house of order, a house of God: Recycled challenges to the legitimacy of the church", Cassandra Hedelius, Aug 7, 2015, FairMormon Conference)

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