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Friday, August 28, 2015

The power of soup and a listening ear

This blog is pro conjugal marriage. What I love about it is how much compassion and empathy I see in her for others.
on this site we talk about holding tightly to truth and love. This blog is a great forum for the “truth” side of things. But the “love” part is something that has to be lived out off the page. I know that many of you are already doing this kind of real-life-love-in-action. I’ve seen it. But I’ve had a couple recent conversations with believers who want to love radically, but don’t know what it looks like. They fear that their involvement will translate as implied approval. My advice: don’t worry about that. Just be the most generous, supportive, inviting person that they come in contact with. By no means do I live this out perfectly, but I learn best by example. So I thought I’d give you one up-close-and-personal example of my own. ("The power of soup and a listening ear", Katy Faust, 27 Oct 2014)

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