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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Conference Talks on CD

I love to hear the recent LDS conference talks. I found a great tool to download MP3 copies of the talks, I have burned the talks on to CDs and listen to them to and from work.

Go to,5239,49-1-646,00.html and click on the MP3 next to each talkYou can even schedule the download for later. That way it can download it when you are not using your internet connection.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I want the ones with the 'power'

I found this on BYU TV tonight,

One little three-year-old asked his mother if they could read the scriptures. When she went to get the scripture readers off of the shelf, he said, as he held up his missionary edition of the Book of Mormon, "No not those scriptures. I want the real ones. I want the ones with the 'power'" ("Feast upon the Words of Christ ". Cheryl C Lant. Spring 2006 Primary Open House President's Message)
He may have gotten this from the Scripture Power song, but he is getting the message of the power in the scriptures. She relates this experience her son has had,

'All we have to do is get the children into the scriptures. It's the Lord's job to teach them once they are there. The Lord will take care of the anchoring part.' When we take the children into the scriptures, we are making it possible for the Lord to speak to them with His own words through the Spirit.

I reminds me of a quote I learned from L Tom Perry, "We should not look upon reading and studying the scriptures as an inconvenience and something to be endured. In the word of God is power and nourishment and life." (Elder L. Tom Perry "Give Heed unto the Word of the Lord" Ensign June 2000)