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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

He is the Great Mediator

It's a very difficult thing to go through: to kneel down and desire to speak to my Father in Heaven when I am so lonely or when I am so anguished. It's an interesting conversation to have. He doesn't immediately try to make it better. He listens to me first.. and I thought that was very helpful.  
He allowed me to get that anger off my chest. But inevitably He would come back and teach me about His Son, Jesus Christ. When I did feel anger, or there was just a deep sense of loneliness, I didn't direct that at the person that had caused this. It directed itself at the Savior. ("Forgiveness: My Burden Was Made Light", Forgiveness and the power of Jesus Christ enable a man to survive losing his wife and several children in a car accident, MormonMessages, 28 Jul 2010)
Have I decided what I would do in this case?

Will I allow the Savior to take the pain and grief of what has happened to me. Will I allow Him to take the pain and grief I have caused?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The deepest desire of my heart

From a FB post of Dallin H. Oaks

I received a letter from a woman studying at Harvard University. I was impressed with its content. 
She said, “I am only 26 and I have felt the trial of singleness overtake me.” 
After sharing more in her letter, she concluded: “I was walking home from work one afternoon one year ago, pouring my heart out to God, telling Him my deepest desire was to be a wife and mother. I was stopped in my tracks as a powerful thought and feeling came into my heart and mind. The thought was that I was wrong. The deepest desire of my heart should be discipleship of Jesus Christ and then the second can be to be a wife and mother. My outlook on life has changed since then. I had them switched around. I know all the blessings promised will be mine, but this will happen in the Lord’s time and not mine.” What a powerful thought! 
Elder Neal A. Maxwell taught, “Since faith in the timing of the Lord may be tried, let us learn to say not only, ‘Thy will be done,’ but patiently also, ‘Thy timing be done.’” We may say, “Thy will be done,” but when your heart is aching—perhaps you’re not yet married and you desire to be—it would be wise to also say, “Thy timing be done.” Ask the Lord for continued revelation to guide your life. 
The Lord has His own timetable for His children. In life’s experiences, including marriage, parenthood, and many other things, each timetable will be different. We must have faith and trust in the Lord to know that He is there and that He loves us. All promised blessings will one day be yours.