Personal Online Journal

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Remember, To Do

I had a dream last night. My children had a Wednesday night activity. A game/performance involving all four of the older children, very busy. We were on the street I grew up on. New people in the houses. Stephanie was at another activity at the same time. My dad was there.

An older lady with stage makeup, from eastern Europe asks her husband if she could go out with our family to celebrate the successful performance/game our kids had. He said no. She said something like 'rare opportunity' meaning that it was not everyday she could have such a fun, satisfying time with these children. They ended up in the front lawn, both heavy with stage make up saying 'rare opportunity' and 'NO, *I* am the husband', back and forth.

Then I noticed the husband was holding a wooden fist by its handle. He used it as an actor on his wife's cheek. She was not physically hurt. It was clear that she was familiar with its use. She also held a wooden fist in her hand.

Next door there was an older couple. A grumpy lady did not want to help us.

Two men discussing how to repair the stains on an old white easy chair.

Lupus (my childhood dog) was there. Happy. Got wet. Asked someone if they could spare a towel to dry him off before he got in the car.

I became aware that I needed to gather my children. I went in several directions. After a couple of minutes, I accounted for everyone.

Then more chaos broke out. Something happened to trigger all the pent up anger the people had. Axes came out and split wood. Yelling was everywhere. It was as if a hurricane came through and allowed the space for everyone to release their spite and venom.

Policemen showed up. I kept busy keeping my children in one place. Protecting them from the destruction I saw happening before my eyes. The police had noticed me and at least one had assigned himself to help me. My children were kept safe through the storm of words and anger.

At this point I was awakened, still very early in the morning by one of mine who needed help. Many times I wake up grumpy to something like this. This morning, I was calm. My child had gone to bed very upset with themselves. My child had misbehaved and had been sent to bed. I kindly set about to do what needed doing. I am pleased with myself. Now to be prepared to continue this practice.

What does this dream mean? Many times I find myself running to catch up. Come home, sometimes to an atmosphere in chaos. Kids need love and fun to help them through their stress their responsibilities. Is it better to plow through with a sour face or choose cheerfulness? Don't take myself so seriously. Laugh, choose cheerfulness and roll up my sleeves.

Prepare my family for the storms that will come. The storms will come both literally (maybe) and emotionally (surely) in our lives. Perhaps the storm is already here, "The peril comes from the forces of wickedness. Those forces are increasing" (Henry B. Eyring). What will we do when the storm intensifies? Will we take the opportunity to release our anger? Or will there be calm. Preparedness in soul, mind and body. Faith instead of fear.

Be happy, work hard, and have joy.

Remember, to do.